Dental SEO

Being easily found on the internet is the most powerful way to attract new patients

Getting my website to the top of Google generated over £120,000 of new cosmetic dental work in just 3 months

42 new patients in the Hertfordshire area found my practice from Google searches from September to December 2023. During this period, these 32 patients underwent over £160,000 of actual dentistry plus fees for examination, X-rays etc.  That’s an average of £3800 per new patient who came to us via the internet!  If you are not being found on Google and you want to attract quality patients for high-value dentistry, then you are missing out.

  • Drive high value, targeted clients to your website with a strong Google placement.
  • Do more of the treatments you enjoy
  • Greatly increase your revenue and profits by effortlessly expanding your client base
  • Forget radio, newspaper or magazine adverts! People who want high value dental work use Google to find local cosmetic dentists
  • Your website is your ‘shop window’ and the easier it is to find, the more new customers you will have

Since having my practice website search engine optimised (SEO’d) and getting it from page 2 of Google to top of page 1 for cosmetic, implant, whitening, veneers and Cerec dentistry,  I have had over £160,000 of work in just 3 months.  Here is what we’ve done:-

Pat  – 8 crowns 2 veneers, whitening
Mark – 2 implants with crowns
Paul – whitening, 5 crowns
Karen – whitening , 2 veneers, 3 crowns
Anne – implant and 2 crowns
David – 2 implants with crowns
Andrew – whitening, three crowns
Chaz – whitening  and six veneers
James – 4 veneers
Julie – 8 crowns, 4 unit bridge
Caroline  – whitening, 2 crowns
Alan – 4 implants and crowns, 4 crowns
Will – whitening, 2 cerec crowns
James – 11 Cerec inlays/onlays/crowns
Vanessa – implant and crown
Sam – whitening, veneer, 5 Cerec
Andre  – whitening, 8 veneers
Karen – 4 Cerec crowns
Daryl – whitening, 5 veneers
Barny – 5 Cerec crowns
Stuart – six month smiles ortho
Surrinder – 2 implants + crowns, 4 crowns
Matt – six month smiles ortho
Lisa – whitening, 4 veneers, 6 crowns
Anne – 4 unit bridge, 5 unit bridge and 4 veneers
Kelly – 3 Cerec crowns, composite bonding
Mary – 2 Cerec crowns
Connie – 8 Cerec onlays/crowns
Rita – 4 veneers, 8 crowns
Rosemary – 6 unit bridge
Gary – 4 implants, 12 units crowns/bridges
Jessie – six month smiles ortho

If you want to find out how to get your dental website to the top of Google, download our free guide on how to SEO your own site.

Now, I did not do all the work myself, as, like you, I am busy in practice, so I used the help of Ben Sykes from Vanilla, who specialises in SEO. Together with my son Ben, we built a complete SEO system specifically for dentistry, so when my site was ‘plugged in’ to the system, it went from page 2 of Google to the top of page 1 in just a few weeks. When you download the free guide you will also get a link to a YouTube Video I recorded documenting the before and after search engine results.

In fact, we were so pleased with the results that we formed a company, Discount web Design, to offer other dentists the opportunity of being at the top of Google for the natural, un-paid (organic) search results. The free guide which you can download here tells you all we did to get my site to the top of Google, but it took months to build the SEO system. The good news for you is that we can apply our SEO system to your site and help you get the same results I did in just a few weeks.

Also contained in the free guide are details of a FREE comprehensive Website Evaluation service from Discount Web Design along with details of how we could  get your website to the top of Google and start attracting the patients you want, while you concentrate on doing the dentistry.